Capstone Biodiversity project

Here is the PowerPoint presentation and the link to the Jupyter notebook file. Please advise where I can improve or if there is something you appreciate.


Thank you for posting!
I wasn’t able to look at your slide presentation but I did look at the notebook.

It might be helpful to add some text boxes to your Jupyter Notebook, explaining what you’re doing in the cells. (I mean, I know what you’re doing b/c I did the project awhile back, but the casual observer may not). Especially when you get to the chi square tests for statistical significance, you could explain the p-values and if there is indeed significance.
It’s a thought. Good work! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments. I uploaded the PowerPoint file as a PDF, so it is easier to view. I guess I don’t note the jupyternotebook file, as I view that as a proof of work, not a place to explain what I did.