Capitalize Washington

president = "washington"
truth = "Liver is excellent."
print(truth.replace("excellent", "horrible"))

The error I get is: <built-in method capitalize of str object at 0x7f3ea0401900>
Liver is horrible.

This is practially the way codeacademy tells me to code this. Any idea what to write here?

calling a method, .capitalize() requires parentheses

Yep. And while adding the parentheses in the code created the right result
in the console… Codeacademy isn’t accepting the answer. :disappointed_relieved:

Please share the exercise url, updated code and error message

president = "washington"
truth = "Liver is excellent."

print(truth.replace("excellent", "horrible"))|

Liver is horrible.

Error message:

Oops, try again. The president should have his initial letter in upper case.

you didn’t include the exercise url, now i have still no idea what exercise you are at.

maybe refresh the page? Don’t know, i really need the exercise url

Please update to the supported version of the python track:

the president variable should contain correct result, so you need to update the president variable by storing the returned result of capitalize