Can't work in the codecademy work space

I’m super confused. I’m doing a PHP course and below there are instructions as to what to do in the code work space, but for some reason it isn’t loading. I don’t get the “Connected to Codecademy” green message up top and it’s just stuck loading. It’s just stuck. Below is an example of what I mean:

The lesson is also below.
I don’t believe it is an issue with the browser as I’ve tried Edge and Chrome and any browser I have and I just get the same error. My brother is also doing the HTML course and we get the same issue. Is Codecademy down?

It’s not just you, I’m having the same problem. The workspace just isn’t loading at all. My guess is that more and more people are accessing Codecademy at the same time because of self-isolation

Code Challenges: Javascript Fundamentals

Same issue here as well.

Same here, ‘aggregates in Pandas’

have seen other posts in the forum, looks like its Codecademy’s issue. Its happening to a lot of people

Alright. Thanks. Does anyone know when it’ll be back up?

Time to watch season 2 of Kingdom on Netflix then. :sunglasses:

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Don’t think so but they are aware of the problem I think.

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Ahhhh ;_; Okay. Thanks for the help. I’ll keep waiting then xD


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