Can't we just Add the Last Four Months All Together?

for the last 4 months can’t we just do:

annual_rainfall+= september_rainfall + october_rainfall + november_rainfall + december_rainfall
print annual_rainfall


Hi @mo.elgazz,

You’re correct, that will have the same net effect in the end.

I tried the following and did not let me. Is it wrong?

january_to_june_rainfall = 1.93 + 0.71 + 3.53 + 3.41 + 3.69 + 4.50

annual_rainfall = january_to_june_rainfall

july_rainfall = 1.05

annual_rainfall += july_rainfall

august_rainfall = 4.91

annual_rainfall += august_rainfall

september_to_december_rainfall = 5.16 + 7.20 + 5.06 + 4.06

annual_rainfall = january_to_june_rainfall + september_to_december_rainfall

Could you perhaps format your code- How do I format code in my posts? - FAQ / Codecademy FAQ - Codecademy Forums and link the lesson/project this is based on.

The last assignment here seems a little off. January to June and September to December, seems like some months are missing and it also ignores any previous assignments. Check carefully about what items you are assigning (=), what items you are adding together (+) and what items you add to and assign (+=).

So I originally tried editing the original line to this "annual_rainfall += august_rainfall + september_rainfall + october_rainfall+november_rainfall+december_rainfall"

I got a Syntax error, so i grabbed the sept, oct, nov and Dec info and moved it above the line and ran it again and it worked out fine. I assume that if the variables are below the line the computer doesnt recognise them as part of the data?

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