Can't use Variables in the File Path

I’m trying to write a bash script that opens my python venv. As of now, in my directory I have two folders where I do my dev work: baseball and codecademy. The Baseball folder is what I use for my personal projects (I’m learning code to do baseball analytics/sabermetrics type things) and codecademy is my folder for all my codecademy curriculum projects. In the script, it takes an input of whether it’s baseball or codecademy, afterwards it asks for the project name, for this you would put in the name of the folder for said project. For example, in the Data Science path, there is a project called Reggie’s Linear Regression, and I have a folder called reggie with all the files for that project and it’s own python venv (so as not to add dependencies on the original python instance). Attached is a txt file of the bash script

Ideally, I will run the script, and I type in that it’s for codecademy, and the project folder’s name is reggie. But I get that far and the directory doesn’t seem to change because it returns “venv/bin/activate: no such file or directory” am I calling the variable in. the wrong way for the file path? Or is there another problem that an inexperienced programmer like me just doesn’t see. If there’s a more efficient way to write the script please let me know about that too! Thanks! bash_script.txt (397 Bytes)