Can't use sqrt()

The code editor I’m using doesn’t let me use use the sqrt() function. I’ve tried math.sqrt() as well. What should I do? Is there a way you can make a square root function?

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Add import math to the beginning of your code, then use math.sqrt().

If you don’t like typing math.sqrt(), and you’ll need it repeatedly, you could do this:

import math
def sr(x):
    return math.sqrt(x)

print (sr(16)) #Output: 4

Without using the math module, we can use rational exponents to compute the nth root.

def nth_root(x, n):
    return x ** (1 / n)

That will work as expected in Python 3. In Python 2 we need to make the numerator or the denominator into a float.

def nth_root(x, n):
    return x ** (1.0 / n)
def sq_rt(x):
    return x**0.5