Can't type in terminal


Doesn't help, for like a week now it doesn't help...


Paste in a screen shot.

What happens when you try typing?


Absolutelly nothing, cursor just keeps blinking. I reloaded like a thousand times, and I tried to paste instead of typing, nothing works...


The problem is when I try to do this instruction "In the terminal, use Jekyll's new command to generate your static website with a directory named personal-website.". It obviously worked on the previous page where I had to install jekyll


You say the cursor is blinking but you can't type? Try double clicking and then typing..

If it doesn't work paste in a screen shot of your browsers page



Try using the little X beside bash to close the session, then open a "New session".


tried this a hudred times too


I also tried this course on my other account, and it went exactly the same way


As it turnes out, it works fine on Mozilla, but I had to install it for this... And I don't usually use several browsers, it's not very pleasent and convinient


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