Can't Type Fast Enough (Bug Alert)


I'm working through the while section on PHP. I know you don't want any infinite loops created, but I can't type fast enough to get all my code in before it tells me the code has been running too long. This is extremely frustrating, as I'm finding it almost impossible to move from one exercise to the next. After that message any code I enter isn't registered and I have to refresh the page to continue, which usually gets rid of any code typed after the warning came up.

Also, if I do a typing error it shows in the console, then if I try to fix it, the error message stays the same and I have to refresh the page to get rid of the console log error message, which usually gets rid of all the code I've just entered.

This has only started to happen with the while statements.


It is something affecting all the lessons on loops. We can disable the auto refresh in one of two ways.

  1. Shrink the window or zoom the display until the preview window disappears.

  2. Write in a parse error that can be cut when you are ready to Submit:

    <?php else ?>

Do this at the start of each lesson. You'll see the parse error message in the console and can take your time with typing and proofreading your code. Cut it when ready to run.


OK thanks. Now I’ll be able to move forward more quickly.


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