Can't Switch to Galvanize Path

Error Message:

It looks like you already have a path. We don’t currently support switching paths.

Is the only solution to create a new account and lose all the progress I’ve made? Ironically I’m pretty sure the path I’m on is identical to the Galvanize one…HTML, JS, JQuery, Angular (but I want the scholarship). Why are you locking us out?

Update 1: Note that I may have signed up for this track in the past but can’t figure out how to confirm I’m in the right one. My path title is “Bootcamp Prep”. If I am in the right one I would expect that it would display something like “You’ve already signed up for this”.

Update 2: I am not a Pro user, therefore can’t speak with an advisor. I emailed the support@codecademy email but I understand they don’t always respond. Any help is appreciated.

You may request other moduless be added to your path by speaking with an Advisor. If it turns out I am wrong, then please accept my apology in advance. Ping this thread to let us know how this is resolved. Thank you.

@mtf Thanks for the response! Updated question to reflect that I’m not a pro user, therefore can’t talk to an advisor. I did email the general support email.

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Now I am confused, as I had thought only Pro users had a Path.

@mtf Exactly. That’s why I think I signed up for the right path previously because I don’t see how else I would get on a path. And I’m pretty sure it’s the exact same curriculum. I just want to confirm I’m on the right path somehow (Galvanize recommended I contact codecademy support).

If you want to get more confused, if I click on “Edit Path” I get the following page (

404 error

This page doesn’t exist.

Would you like to learn about HTTP errors?

So Paths really are set up for Pro users but this Galvanize path is some sort of exception…I think.

So when you signed up, did CC ask you to create a path on your free account?

@mtf Unfortunately I just don’t remember how I created this path initially. My guess is that I followed the Galvanize link and it automatically created the path for me. I’ve never been a Pro user in the past.

So my issue may just be confirming that I am actually on the Galvanize path. It’s important that I’m on the right path so they can track my progress properly to ensure I receive the scholarship.

Does this answer your question?

Pretty much, yes. It would appear you will need to contact CC support for the assurances you need. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.

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@mtf Really appreciate your time regardless! Have a great day. :smiley:

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Haven’t been able to get a response using the Codecademy email…any other advice on how to solve my problem?

This post will bump it back up the New list. Maybe it will get noticed. I still have no suggestion and this is something I know nothing about.

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@CommunityManagers, could you guys have a look at this one please?

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