Can't stat "wonderwomen.txt" help with 34% step 5

it says i can’t stat wonderwomen.txt

If you look really closely at your list of files, you will see that there is a spelling mistake in the file name.

I see that you are on step 7. How do you manage to get codes for step5 number4 vigate up one directory from drama/historical/ to drama/ please. I am stock on 30% because of that instruction

I think I have already answered you in another thread, but here goes again:

cd ..

I do use cd but It still does not work. Here my codes below. What I am doing wrong?

$ cd drama/historical/cd drama/

This is what I get when I run it: Use the change directory command to switch back to the drama/ directory.

Use the command

cd ..

It’s asking you type that rather than doing cd drama/

so type

cd ..