Can't solve 11/11 - precedence rule

Hello everyone,

As you can see i am new to coding
i am stuck on 11/11
can someone help me solve the first instruction the rest i know how to do

thank you

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hi , ok
you can see this line ( // ( 3 >= 3 && !(true || true) ) it will give u false , case
(true||true)= true ; but u have here ’ ! ’ so it will give u false And (true&&false)=false
that’s it :slight_smile:

I m getting the out put as False or true ( by changing the changing the boolean operators , but its throwing the error :slight_smile:
Try again. The variable tricky should equal either true or false.

my output :
Upgraded to the future!
This is a Brooklyn bound train!

i am stuck at this stage as well. i dont know what’s wrong

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