Can't select text in editor

I apologize if this is not how or where I need to post this but I’ve encountered something very bothersome. For the past few days I have not been able to click my cursor into, or highlight any text in editor. I can click the end of the line and my cursor will go there and I can navigate around with my arrow keys, but it’s inconvenient to not be able to highlight a chunk of text and delete. I am sure it’s on my end would anyone have any ideas on how to amend this issue. Any response appreciated.

Can I have a video of this problem?

Can’t post a video how do I show you?

you can upload it to youtube then send the link here

Codecademy Help - YouTube — I am clicking at points where my cursor is over text.

This is odd. You should file a big report for this #community:codecademy-bug-reporting

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Will do. I’ve been doing the exercises but it gets old having to use the keyboard to get to all the text on the inside of the tags. I did the HTML and CSS lessons before the path I’m on and they worked fine but went back and not anymore.