Can't seem to use "copy and paste" while doing a lesson

While doing all of the lesson, I have been unable to use “copy” and “paste” options when I right
click on the mouse. Is there another way to perform these actions ?

Jerry H

Hi welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

We may need more info to pin down your issue:
What os and browser are you using? Can you link to the lesson?

Are you talking about copy and pasting things within your own code, or from the given examples? Does it let you highlight and control-c (or command-c)?

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OS = Windows 10 Home
browser = Microsoft Edge

I am referring to the code I am writing in the middle of the screen under the “” heading. While I can highlight the code, I can not “copy” or “paste” it as these options are not displayed when I right click the mouse.

Thanks for the very quick response to my question

Jerry H

What about keyboard shortcuts? Does that work?

ctrl + c
ctrl + v


Yeah, there’s an issue where it won’t show the “copy” option when you right click your code. You can try keyboard shortcuts like @lisalisaj suggested, or copy the entire thing with this:


Thanks for the help. Both methods worked fine… BTW the thing that I found most impressive was how quickly help arrived after my post ::slight_smile:

                                                   Thanks again