Can't seem to restart progress

Hello, I’ve decided to take the long journey of learning Javascript.
I’ve slowly gotten the concept of everything in the introduction, but I’ve always had a bit of an issue on understanding on how the parenthesis are supposed to be used, or which example is supposed to be used. I’m assuming when I’m being asked to fetch code from the CodeLibrary, I’m supposed to be using the syntax, not the name of the code.

So instead of trying to look up some other resource for the deal on parenthesis and getting lost, I thought I’d just reset the exercise and brute force it until I think I understand.
The trouble is that it won’t refresh, whenever I got to “I want to restart this program”, it doesn’t do it.
I thought I’d just restart the course since I’m early in to not consider it an issue, but even that doesn’t do anything.

Is this a new issue, or does it depend on the kind of computer I’m on?