Can't seem to link my html to css

For some reason, I just can’t seem to connect my HTML to CSS. I am currently using Atom as my code editor and for some reason, and it won’t connect. I have connected both of them before either using Notepad or Atom but for some reason, It won’t work anymore. On my file explorer, I put my HTML file in desktop and my CSS file in Documents. So I’m hoping for some advice on anybody that can help me out.

All your .html and .css files named to bein the same root folder for example,

-my website¬
--css files ¬
--html files ¬
--js files

@codeslayer09716, why did you not put both files in the same directory?

I got it to connect, so thank you.

I wanted to access my HTML file after I update my code to check if it went through.