Cant seem to figure out what I am missing from exercise 7- adding an image



Please could someone help me with my problem?

I have tried various suggestions people have mentioned in previous post, but I cant seem to figure out what I have missed and therefore cannot proceed. Does anyone know what it is?

Many thanks in advance


What is the error message? Try giving a space between the ending quote of the image link and the slash. Sometimes, that works. Like this:

<img src="" />

Let me know if it works!


I have the same exact issue. Clicking RUN worked fine for the bike1.jpg image (Step 1). All I did was replace the 1 with a 2 but the bike2.jpg (Step 2) doesn't work.

I added the space between the ending quote and slash, as you suggested, but that didn't work either.

To clarify, there isn't a specific error message. Step 2 of this activity simply shows the red X as in the screen shot by the OP.

Now I'm stuck, too, and can't progress. Thoughts?


I just tried using the BACK button then clicking NEXT while viewing the Step 6 activity. That didn't change anyhing. However, when I used the course navigation button in the lower left corner of the screen and selected 7. Adding Images I noticed that the bike2.jpg image was being properly displayed, but the NEXT button was still greyed out. I clicked RUN and it worked.

Odd quirk, but I'm all set now.


Glad that you were able to figure it out! Thanks for sharing!


having the same issue. tried everything on this thread. Nothing works. Still have a red mark and can't proceed.


Can you post your code?


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