Can't see my Photos Project Tea Cozy


I’ve started the project .

I have some issues with my html-Code. I can’t make the images visible on my browser. Is there anything wrong with my img-Tags on my index.html ?
I’ve inserted the link of the images. Is that the problem? I also tried to download the images and insert the link after that. But still the images are not visible when I open my html.index in a browser.

Here is my code:


I think you forgot your closing /.

HTML elements need a / at the end to tell them to close.

hopefully that solves the problem :grinning:

I’m not entirely sure what you mean by that, but not all HTML elements require a forward slash :slight_smile:

Self closing tags, in fact, don’t need a closing forward slash:

<br /> isn’t required, <br> would do just fine, for example.

You’d have to use the closing forward slash in XHTML (for valid XML compatibility), but not for HTML5.

@mega9702368107 the reason why the images don’t show is simply because you wrote

<img src:

instead of

<img src=


Good to know, I was just referring to the image section in the HTML lesson.

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Thank you very much! So simple :smiley: I can finally see my photos