Can't see my code after run

Quick one
I’m new to the site and I have noticed when I am doing Projects only, upon running my code nothing is printing to the terminal. Terminal is called “Bash” and I am able to type in it. I want to change it to the other terminal used in lessons so i can see what is being printed.
Thanks in advance.

In order to output a result on the terminal you need to include certain arguments inside the codebox depending on the language you are coding in.

Also, you need to type certain commands on the terminal (Depending on the file type) to compile and print the result from the code.

The actual output box that Codecademy uses depends on the exercise. Some use the terminal some a simple output view box.

I hope I answered your inquiry.

Here is a screenshot of my page. Learning Java. Only found this problem when doing ‘Projects’.

In order to run your program, you need first to Compile it.

That is done simply by typing the command javac in the bash terminal.

Then you’ll have to type a different command to actually Run it.

That is done by typing in the command java filename.


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