Can't save the file 2/11

Type Ctrl + O to save the file.

How do I do this I’m doing it but I’m popping up a thing that won’t let me save it.

Popping up a thing?

Usually text editors prompt for a file name, perhaps that’s what you’re seeing. You’d have to interact with that.

Ionayan No I’m pressing command+O and ctrl+O but it’s not working.
I’m on a mac and I can’t seem to figure it out.

typing command+O and ctrl+O, but its opening (personal)my file.

Well… then edit it with something else.
It might also look for you to use nano, so also start it but then kill it a little later:

<press i>
<edit the file as you normally would>
<press esc>
<type :wq>
nano FILENAME & sleep 5 && kill %1

sleep 5 waits 5 seconds,
& backgrounds the first job and runs the second in the foreground at the same time
&& runs next command if the previous one was successful
%1 refers to the first job (nano) and kill kills the process

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