Can't reset progress , no answers, frustrated!

Please, PLEASE! Codecademy. I have searched the forums for the issue where you cannot reset your progress to no avail. It seems there are no solutions or even replies to this issue.

Has anyone had any luck?

Note: I have logged out/back in, cleared cookies/cache/browser history, reset browser settings, and tried both Chrome and IE.

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Please specify which course it is.
Along with course URL


It is the Introduction to JavaScript

Happens on all of the exercises.

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The little refresh like looking button at the bottom of the page will reset the code for that specific lesson

Screenshot from 2017-09-19 18-15-06


I am working through those exercises right now and they are passing fine, are you using the updated course?

I am using chrome on mbp

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Yes, that is where the issue is occurring- after I hit that button.

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What do you mean updated course?

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Its been a while since returning to Codecademy so things look a little different and my catalogue of courses have been updated…

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