Cant reset courses


im trying to reset some of my courses but it just doesn’t do anything when i click the button…
trying to reset HTML and CSS course as a whole and tried resetting just one module of the course is also not doing anything…
tried using Firefox and chrome same problem.

Reset button doesn't work

Hi when you reset the on the image button it keeps the percentage? Or it says 0%?


when i click the button it opens a popup with a warning and two buttons one to reset and one to cancle i can press the reset button 1000 times nothing happens… the popup stayes and nothing happens to the course it doesnt reset and it doesnt change anything in the browser. firefox and chrome act the same way.


Same here! But I can’t reset it to 0% in the Ruby course.
Clicking 1000 x the reset butting and nothing happens. Also tried logging in and out and using a different browser.
Btw… the first “Reset Progress” button works, but the second one (for confirmation) doesn’t


also - the single reset button for every module inside the course also doesn’t work, it resets the exercise but once you refresh the page it goes back to been complete(also after you reset only the V is gone from the exercise but you can still go forward, what you cant do if the exercise isn’t complete in the regular course.)


im guessing no one really care at codecademy about this problem since no one at codecademy actually answered the post… i can probably SHITPOST forever and no will care at this company… maybe if ill cancel my pro subscription some one will care… probably not.


I’ve invited a moderator @mtf (Roy) He’s very helpful but he’s busy so wait


This sounds like an error for a CodeCademy team member to fix. Bring it to their attention, and see if they could get it fixed.


Roy is a person who can probably start the progress, that is pretty good. :grinning:

I hope this gets fixed =)


I just paid for a year of pro and no one seems to care or get back to me. I’m trying to learn and I can’t because everything is broken.


That’s true, and Roy tagged me in. Hi!

@fgambinoc @eryx6 – the best way to get in touch with Codecademy is via our help center, they can look into this for you. You can find them here.


This is happening to me too. Normally when I reset the checks reset as well and I can redo the lesson and check the code if it’s right or not. Resetting can also help get the solutions page when you do two wrong attempts. Without resetting working properly neither of these two things can happen.

Are there any news about this issue?

Cannot Reset Exercises or Courses

Hey @monochromaticmau, please contact customer support!


Hey @oduffy I contacted support with a request but they just told me to come here and wait until it’s fixed … any news on the course and exercise reset problem?


So this is only affecting certain people? Is that why individuals need to contact support?


Yes it’s only affecting certain people. A fix is being worked on presently, which should ship on Friday.


A fix shipped! This should no longer happen.


Just tested it on one of the lessons I wanted recheck my original code. My check marks aren’t resetting… I can’t check the code or get the solution.


go to the codecademy help center as he said.


I already did a day or two ago.


Do you want me to try?