Can't remember stuff


I am new coding learner and learning Python but I just seem to remember the past exercises so isn't it bad ? And after completing the course 100% what will be the benefit ? Noob questions I know but I need to know, Thanks

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It doesn't matter. The most important aspect of programming is understanding the logic. (this also takes time, to understand the logic). If you are going to compete against a computer when it comes to remember syntax, the computer will win. (so many servers with documentation vs you). It is alright. The things you use often will stick around.

You can always check early exercises, or documentation. And in the beginning it is very difficult, it will get better


You're not expected to cram everything all at once :grin: , That would beat the purpose of doing all these units. If you don't seem to understand a module just keep at it until you do. Programming is not about how fast you learn, but really about how much you learn. :slight_smile: So take your time, and enjoy every bit of it!


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