Can't pass the While Loops in PHP step


I'm getting a problem to pass this exercise because whenever i click at the submit button, it just get blue and nothing more. I already tried to use the chrome/firefox but the same thing happen, can anyone help me?

Thanks, Offline


Hi it's maybe an infinit loop try to post your code and the name of Lesson


Instructions of While Loops in PHP 2. :

Check out the while loop on line 9.

On line 9, add a condition inside the parentheses ( ) that makes the while loop run as long as $loopCond == true
Inside the curly braces, use echo to output "

The loop is running.

Then click Save & Submit Code to run your first PHP while loop!


<!DOCTYPE html>
        <title>Your First PHP while loop!</title>
    $loopCond = true;
    while ($loopCond == true ){
        //Echo your message that the loop is running below
         echo "<p>The loop is running</p>";
        $loopCond = false;
    echo "<p>And now it's done.</p>";


that line

echo "<p>The loop is running</p>";

just add after running a dot like that

echo "<p>The loop is running.</p>";


It still happening the same thing. The button just get freeze and nothing more happen.


Can you take a screenshot of your code?


Never mind, i don't know why, but today it works. I just did the same as the other times. Thanks for your attention.



	$loopCond = false;

	do {

		echo "<p>The loop ran even though the loop condition is false.</p>";


	echo "<p>Now the loop is done running.</p>";