Can't pass HTML Lesson 11?

Hi @norazimah.m.

See that second img tag? Go ahead and throw some double quotes around your src value :slight_smile:

<img src="Open Quote...... http://....  Closing Quote.jpg" />

See if that resolves the issue for you :slight_smile:

Hi @mike_in_training

I’m still having the same issue :confused:

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Hi @norazimah.m,

I wasn’t being literal, you weren’t meant to copy the code I supplied :slight_smile: , I was indicating what YOU should do with YOUR code, you need to put double quotes around the src value: " value ".
Also you didn’t actually do that on the second example, you were missing the closing double quote " :slight_smile:

If it may help, using your FIRST example; look at your first img tag, and compare it to your second exactly, what is the difference? There should be two, the SRC is different, because your are displaying a different image, and the then there are no QUOTES.

Hi @mike_in_training ,

Ahhh alright, I got it to work perfectly now! Thanks so much, @mike_in_training :grinning: