Can't pass adding images


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It just says “Oops try again.” And no other detail than that.

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Try it
by adding a space character before closing-/> the img-Tag
<img src="" />

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Thanks for the theory and all, but it didn’t work : /.

did you include a space between .jpg" and /> in both images? Can we see an updated version of your code?

That seemed to work. Like you said, I didn’t do it for both images and that’s why it didn’t let me continue. Once again, thank you.

Please mark this as solved
I go around trying to help and theses throw me off once in while.
Thank You

That works, minor glitch on cA’s part normally in Visual studio and other editors this would not present a significant problem. Good catch Leonard.

it is xml syntax, i would prefer if codecademy updated it

Yeah I know. I was getting quite annoyed mainly because I made a html file to even test my coding and it worked. But it didn’t on the lesson I was taking. And skipping a lesson can seriously get you lost in the future or long run.

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