Can't pass adding image lesson 11


Replace this line with your code.


Add what is wrong with your code including error messages, then write what you expected to happen, add the link to the exercise, and include your code.


the link to exercise is

my code is

<!DOCTYPE html>
		<p>Second image</p>
		<img src=""/>

The error massage is just "Opps! try agian"


Please post your code so that we can see it, and help you. Here's how.



you need two images, and a space between .jpg" and />


I wrote code for 2 lines but in here I cannot post with 2 picture, so i had hv to delete one


you need two pictures to pass the exercise


Does there always have to be a space there? The lesson doesn't specifically mention that.


it is xml syntax, then yes. If you just use html, the slash and the space are not needed:

<img src="url">

i complained they should upgrade this, but unfortunately that is not the focus at the moment.


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