Can't pass 4/7. Don't know what's wrong?


Next instruction not getting highlighted after adding remote origin. Don't know what's wrong?


Can you tell us what the error message was?
As well as a screenshot as to what you've done.


Thanks for your reply javascriptjoee.
I am new to forum so couldn't include the screen shot. here too have included the grab but it's showing a link.
The problem is in 4/7 of Deploying Website the 2nd instruction doesn't get highlighted so I m not able to move to next step. here's the shot.


Have you tried running git remote rm origin then readding it?


yes. Several times. Infact i created two depositories at
still everytime am getting stuck after the first instruction.

FYI my user name on is dayaniprakash and the depository is trial.
With this am I writting the correct path and code?


Sometimes you need to restart the exercise and try again. Would you mind trying that?


I've done that previously but once again did start a new and got stuck there only. So I am leaving the subject as I can't move ahead. By the way Thanks you 'javascriptjoee'. Thanks a lot.

p.s. here's the grab of latest outcome

Thank you.


Hi, first you need to navigate to your website directory:
cd personal-website
Only then write:
git remote add origin https...trial.git.


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