Cant open the jupyter notebook from the Reggie's Linear Regression Exercise

Hello, I am right now taking the Learn Python 3 course and have recently reached the Loops off-platform exercise “Reggie’s Linear Regression”. I have already downloaded Git Bash and learned the basics about the command line but I can’t open the jupyter notebook from the exercise directory. When I reach the directory at the command line and write the command jupyter notebook, it does not open the web page it was supposed to, and actually gets the answer that jupyter notebook is not a valid command. Can anyone help me?

Here is the link to the exercise:

Hi @py5144942939,

Did you install Python? If so, it is not on your Git Bash path. Here are the Codecademy instructions to download it from Anaconda, Miniconda or by itself. If you download it through Miniconda, I believe it will automatically be integrated into Command Prompt (Cmd), but not Git Bash. If you download the full Anaconda installation you will get Anaconda Prompt, which you can launch it from. If you download it by itself, you will have to add it to the path of whichever terminal you want to use.

Once Python (and/or Conda) is working from your terminal, you can download Jupyter using pip or conda as discussed in the link above. After that, the command jupyter notebook will work perfectly.

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