Can't open the file from Reggie's Linear Regression project

I can’t open the file given in the Reggie’s Linear Regression lesson from the data science course. I downloaded the file and unpacked it, went to bash and opened the folder containing the file. Then, I used the command jupyter notebook given in the lesson, and it says: "bash: jupyter: command not found

How did you install jupyter? If you did it through Anaconda you can open it directly from that navigator.

Otherwise you can look here for a guide:


So I have to install jupyter? I didn’t know that. It isn’t explained in the lesson. Thanks!

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Ah yes, for sure you would need to. No problem!


So I’ve tried it, and it seems I need to use anaconda. I use Pycharm, is there a way to use it here?

Maybe this would help?

Or this?

But, I think that’s the Pro version of Pycharm…

I had this problem, as well, with the Frida Kahlo Python LIsts Challenge Project. When the instructions say “In the terminal, navigate to… etc”, I was using the Git Bash terminal, because I had just taken the Learn the Command Line Course. When I typed in “jupyter notebook”, I got “bash: jupyter: command not found”.

What worked for me was (using Windows) going to the start menu, typing in anaconda, and using either the Anaconda Prompt, or the Anaconda Powershell Prompt. Then following the directions worked like a charm.

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