Can't open the file from Reggie's Linear Regression project

I can’t open the file given in the Reggie’s Linear Regression lesson from the data science course. I downloaded the file and unpacked it, went to bash and opened the folder containing the file. Then, I used the command jupyter notebook given in the lesson, and it says: "bash: jupyter: command not found

How did you install jupyter? If you did it through Anaconda you can open it directly from that navigator.

Otherwise you can look here for a guide:


So I have to install jupyter? I didn’t know that. It isn’t explained in the lesson. Thanks!

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Ah yes, for sure you would need to. No problem!


So I’ve tried it, and it seems I need to use anaconda. I use Pycharm, is there a way to use it here?

Maybe this would help?

Or this?

But, I think that’s the Pro version of Pycharm…