Can't open the coding area


I have opened the course for java normally and can only see " Code Editor
Open files here to edit them " in the coding area, even relaoding doesnt help. But astonishingly i can open it on my ipad. How did it happen....


Could you try again, there was some server trouble a short time ago.


no still not working.....stand the same thing there


XD come on help !!!!!!


I wonder if there is an addon or setting in your browser that is causing this. Are you able to try more than one browser?


yeah i have already tried IE and maxrthon......


cookies also enabled, have also tried to shut down the firewalls but neitehr of these work..


I can't think of anything else to try at the moment. You should use the "Report a Bug" tool in the exercise to let Codecademy staff know. If you find out anything, let me know!


thank you whatever XD, i have already done it,too. But i still havent got any response..


I am having the same trouble with the JAVA course, I cannot type in the coding area. I am using Windows 10 on a Surface Pro


I have the same exact issue in that it won't let me type any code, and I sent a bug notification to codecademy. I tried everything the person who suggested this problem, reload, restart computer, different browsers, etc. I'm using a Dell PC (don't know which version). Does anyone know how to fix this? Can someone answer, so far, as I have seen in this whole conversation, no one has given a legitimate working solution. So help, please, I want to learn Java!!!!


Having the same problem here. I think it depends on what browser you do it on?


"code editor open files here to edit code"there isn't code editor,I can't edit code,what can I do to change it?


Yeah. I don't understand why no one of the code academy response to this question... I have started my learning. Somewhere else already


I have the same problem and reported the bug several days ago, havent got any response yet


By the way, i have solved the problem by installing firefox , and do the exercise on firefox


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