Cant open my html file in my browser

Hi, am currently on “Getting started with VSC and Building HTML websites”
Im using a chromebook. I have downloaded VSC and everything works fine just like the video tutorial.
However I seem to get stuck when i copy the path to my index.html file and paste it in my browser. It keeps saying “File not found” even though i have saved it multiple times.
The only difference i noticed from the video is that the icon next to his index.html file is different from mine. Mine is a <> while his is different.
Have attached screenshots below, any help would be much appreciated.

Hello @nikisorabjee,

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I notice you have said you are using a ChromeBook computer running ChromeOS. Having had a quick look around, I would be inclined to find where the file is located (possibly by right-clicking on the index.html file), copying the path, and pasting it in the Browser.

If you need any more help the forum is here for you.


Thanks for your reply Richard,

Unfortunately that’s exactly what I did and it says file not found so am a bit stuck.


I have copied the path as seen in the screen shot here and pasted it in Chrome but still get “File not found”

Screenshot 2020-05-15 at 13.13.07

Hello @nikisorabjee,

Can you post a screenshot of what the web browser is saying when you put the file link?

In addition; Google have provided information on how to set up a development environment on Chrome OS:


Try navigating to your file in the file explorer and then right-click and select Open With, then choose Chrome (or any browser). That usually works with any html files.

Thanks both, I have found a VSC plugin that does the trick for now and opens in it my browser but it still doesn’t work as a file.
@digital0457018858 - This is the screen shot of what i get. Will have a look at setting up a dev environment and see how i get on. Thanks so much again!