Can't open index.css file on Visual Studio Code

I’m studying Web Development. I’m currently still stuck on Section 2, “Styling a Website” >“Create Your First HTML/Project”, step 2.2. Step 2.2 instructs us to open the index.css file on our favorite file editor. We were instructed to stick with Visual Studio Code. I tried to do what I could to get over this issue, but I still can’t open my index.css file on VSC. Here is the link to the section that I’m still stuck in, please go to Step 2, sub-step 2.

I posted this issue on the CA Facebook forum, but unfortunately, they kept suggesting to me to go to GitHub. The problem is that the other students didn’t know that GitHub is not covered till section 9. I went thru the hassle of pre-maturely installing Github. For now Github is way above where I am, I’m in the article “Create Your First HTML/CSS Project”. That is in only section 2 “Styling a Website”. The link is above. So please no Github till I get to section 9.

Hello, @johnantonacci4655991.

Without knowing exactly what you mean by “can’t”, this is a difficult issue for us to help you with. We can’t see your computer or file structure, so we can only go off of what you describe. Are you able to navigate to the DevProject folder specified in the walk-through from the VS Code ‘Open Folder’ prompt?

Another thought might be to go through a brief tutorial on how to use VS Code if you are unfamiliar with it. Here’s one:

You could also try searching for something like How to open a folder in VS Code in your favorite search engine.

Thanks for responding. The 1st screenshot will display the file structure that I created on my One Drive for the DevProject.
I did this first before I did anything on VSC, as CA instructed me.

The 2nd screenshot is from VSC. That will show the file structure of DevProject on VSC. Notice the index.css file. When I left click on that file, nothing happens. I’m only trying to open that file, as the lesson plan on Step 2.2 of that article instructs me to do.

The 3rd screenshot below will show you exactly where I’m at in the article link that I placed in the initial post. I’m still stuck on the section “Finally open the index.css file in your favorite text editor”

The 4th screenshot below displays what happens on VSC when I right click my cursor/mouse on the index.css file. Notice the drop down menu. None of the menu items permit me to open this file, left clicking should have opened the file, & done the trick, as the 3rd screenshot instructions instruct me to.

To make your life a little easier, here again is the link to the article that I’m stuck in for the sake of context. I’m stuck in section 2.2, that’s what I mean by not being able to open my index.css file.

That’s not a file, is it.

As @ionatan just mentioned, your index.css is a folder not a file. Delete it, right click on the css folder, and select New File instead of New Folder, name it index.css and you should be all set.

Edited 1-6-2020 to correct typo.

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Ok. That takes care of that up to that point. However, notice the screenshot of the next set of instructions were it says

“Be sure to save your changes for both files!”

What changes do I have to save? I haven’t changed anything. From the beginning of this article, to this point, there is no mention of changes, that’s why I haven’t made any changes.

It’s confusing.

Here is the article again for the sake of context so that you can see from the beginning, till up to that point of “Be sure to save changes”, you can see that no changes were asked of me in the instructions.

There are instructions to change your file. One of them is immediately above where they suggest you ensure that your files have been written to your file system.

Sorry, but I honestly don’t see where it says to change files. Are you referring to step 2 where I’m told to add my own title between title tags, & my own content between the body tags?

If not, can you send me a screenshot of where it says to make the changes?

If you have a file that starts out empty or even non-existent, and then later on it has data, then, it changed.