Can't move forward



On Your own do-while test, I wrote a infinite loop at first, but then i wrote it as it should be. The problem is that the editor is stuck with the incorect version and i can't move forward. Even if i go to previous lesson when i reach 7/7 the page is loading with the wrong version of the code and gets stuck. No matter what i do, erse the code, write the good one doesn't want to pass this lesson. Below the corect code, which i have tested on my server and it works perfect.

        //write your do-while loop below
          $rollcount = 0;   
    do {
            $roll = rand(1,6);
            $rollcount ++;
            if ($roll < 6)
            echo "<p>{$roll}</p>";
    } while ($roll != 6);       
        echo "<p>At last 6 after {$rollcount} rolls</p>";


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