Cant move forward-spinning wheel


print "Vick"
first_name = gets.chomp

print "vad"
last_name = gets.chomp

print "fesi"
city = gets.chomp

print "India"
state = gets.chomp

puts "Your name is #{first_name} #{last_name} and you're from #{city}, #{state}!"

It only gives me "Vick" in the output box and the wheel starts to spin and thats it
Can you please help?

Replace this line with your code.


You've got code that tells ruby to wait for user input.
You're the user, it's waiting for your input


Ok thanks, how do i fix it? really new at this, so any help will be appreciated


I suppose you could type something and hit enter.

Or remove the code that waits for user input if that isn't desirable


got it!! thanks, I realized my mistake with your help!
thanks a lot


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