Can't link CSS to HTML - I feel like I'm losing my mind here

Hey guys, this is probably a stupid mistake but I’ve looked through a dozen different answers and nothing is lining up - I’m screenshotted what I have. Everything seems like it should be pretty straightforward - I’ve literally copy-pasted the format to be sure (adjusting the path, file names, etc.) - I’m just not seeing any of my edits in the CSS file come over

Hi! welcome, you are ending your html twice, not sure that would throw something off, just odd.

so in css,

p {
color: black;

Thanks - I dropped the unneeded html ending and some other unnecessary code I noticed just to tick off all the boxes. Still having the same issue unfortunately - current status:

Hey there @blog7760576867!! Welcome to the forums :grinning:

Take a look at your file path:


This dot tells the browser to go to the current file’s (test.html) parent folder, which is resources. From there you tell it to go to a folder titles resources, yet you are already in that folder.

@8-bit-gaming Thanks for the help - in an attempt to simplify I put both the HTML and CSS file in the same folder, and simply linked via “./devproject.css”, but am still having the same problem. Any ideas?:

The CSS still won’t connect for you?
For me it is connecting perfectly.

Have you run the file from a web browser yet?

As @8-bit-gaming is saying, if you run it from the browser and go in dev tools and click on the link (maybe in the html/css analyzer, depending on your browser) the browser will tell you the attempted path it goes to. You can see from there how far it was from the intended path.

    /   = root directory
   ./  = current directory
   ../ = Parent of curr. directory
   ../../ = parent of parent
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Hey all - it does seem to work now when I preview within an actual browser. Thanks @8-bit-gaming for that clue and everyone else for the sleuthing. I think what may have been throwing me off was that the previewer within VSC doesn’t seem to show the color changes, font size changes, etc. I’d been inputting. Is that generally the case though? (e.g. the image below). It still seems odd that it’d be such a bare bones preview:

Certainly, my pleasure.

I almost never use VS for the preview so I can’t say if this is normally the case.
Personally I prefer to leave the browser open in a sepperate window.

Got it… much, much easier this way. Thanks again, I think I’m finally all set :+1:

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