Can't input into the prompt

When I run the code, the user prompt cursor blinks, but I can’t enter in any input.

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It may be an issue with the learning environment. While we cannot solve that issue on this side, we can work around it by supplying static values to the variables and let the code run on that.

Hello @paulgureghian, what @mtf said may be true; however, is the cursor solid white? If it is, that means you can type, if not, you can’t. To actually get the cursor solid white, click directly on it.
I hope this helps.

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You’re right. it works.
I don’t remember doing that for the JS lessons, but maybe I did.


Actually… My cursor is solid white but I can’t enter any text
after a while I get a red message ‘execution expired’
Is acting like that not only when I try to run my code, but also the standard examples.

Click on the prompt first.

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I was doing that several time before posting my question, but it was not working.
I did it yesterday evening again… and it was.
Happy that I can go on :grinning:

Thanks for your reply