Cant get this to work - ROUND(AVG(downloads)

I cant get this line of code to work, i think its the ROUND(AVG(downloads)
Make the result set more readable by rounding the average number of downloads to two decimal places for each price. Remove the previous query, then type

1.SELECT price, ROUND(AVG(downloads), 2) FROM fake_apps
GROUP BY price;

This is what i have entered
1.SELECT price, ROUND(AVG(downloads),
2.FROM fake_apps GROUP BY price;

Anyone please?

hello @steveo26486

you have forgotten one )


SELECT price, ROUND(AVG(downloads))
FROM fake_apps
GROUP BY price;

Got it thanks, it was ROUND(AVG(downloads), 2) the code was wrong in the instructions

SELECT price,AVG(downloads) FROM fake_apps group by name what is wrong or extra here??