Can't get started with Git and Github on MacBook Pro 2020

Hi guys,

First time asking a question on the forum.

I’m within the Full Stack Developer Program, trying to get started with both Git and Github.

I’ve attached the error message my terminal is giving me when trying to use Git. Perhaps I’m missing a step but from researching I thought I needed to type in Git in order to begin it’s install. I’m probably wrong though and any help is massively appreciated.

I don’t know how much help can be given here as I’ve emailed Github directly. I don’t seem to be receiving their verification email, which means I can’t log in. I have tried a different email, a different browser and going incognito as they suggested, still nothing, wondering if anyone else has had this issue? :slight_smile:

Hi @web6204799374. Unfortunately it seems as if the image you mention has not been attached. I think the typical route to installation of git is to install the xocde (or possibly the xcode command line tools), you can find a few routes to do this online. If not there’s a few options here- Install Git | Atlassian Git Tutorial

I’d highly suggest having a look into a good package manager for OSX regardless as it will make programming of any sort a bit simpler when you don’t have to spend so much time mucking about with installations. Things like homebrew and macports are absolutely brilliant for this, definitely worth a look-in.

Hi @tgrtim thankyou very much for your message. I will take a look at the Install Git link you have sent me, thanks for that.

I’ve attached the screenshot again, hopefully you can see it now.

I don’t know what a package manager is but will now have a look into what it is.

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Ah, thank you. It seems like something funny with the xcode tools set-up. The following link seems to have a few things that are worth checking-