Cant get past this stage...please help


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I have clear and it does not let me pass. could there be a bug?

its not showing my screen grab.
cant get past clear in nano


The instructions say:

Type Ctrl + O to save the file.

Press Enter to write the filename.

Type Ctrl + X to exit.

Finally, type clear to clear the terminal window.

When you get to Type Ctrl + X to exit, this should be taking you out of Nano.

Then, once you've exited from nano and you're back in the terminal, you can type clear and that should work.


Hi. Thanks. I did all this, but the "Next" button is nnot lit up to
proceed. Im stuck in this area. So is there anyway to bypass and go on to
"3/11" in the nano?


im in step 2..... and I did all you mentioned above. Then there is step 3
and its not clickable or lit up to continue.


Make sure you have the content typed like below exactly. I had a space after = symbol. I fixed it and Next button turned green for me

echo "Welcome, Jane Doe"
alias pd="pwd"
alias hy="history"
alias ll="ls -la"


Thanks. unfortunately it is still not letting me pass. I am saving the file
too. Control O <------ correct?


I ran into the same issue. I was able to successfully complete the task by making sure to add the directory ("~/") before the file name when I save. In other words, the file name should be ~/.bash_profile, not just .bash_profile when you are asked.


Hey, so I just took like 25 minutes trying to figure this out haha! Not super easy cause it's a potential small error. So if you haven't figured it out yet, my suggestion is clicking "get help" in the bottom right hand corner of the screen and restarting the workspace.

In step one, where it asks you to type nano ~/.bash_profile - do NOT put a space between the / and the (.) - just type it in without the space and move onto the second step and see if that helps at all!



can u please help me a screenshot


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