Can't get past this lesson despite redoing it for the past 45 min! can someone please help!


.jumbotron .container {
position: relative;
top: 100px;


What is the error? Please paste all your code


finally moved the entry to another spot and it worked...thanks for responding


It is likely that it worked because you moved it above the part of your code where the error is.

If you are serious about coding you should investigate that.

Any questions? Just ask.


you need 2 spaces before position and 2 spaces before top as well

.jumbotron .container {
_ _position: relative;
_ _top: 100px;


Those spaces are nice for humans to read, and I definitely recommend them, but JavaScript doesn't care if you have any spaces there. It would know what you meant even if you wrote it like this:

.jumbotron .container {position:relative;top:100px;}

But don't do that when you are in the process of writing your code, it makes it much easier to make a mistake. :slightly_smiling: