Cant get my html + css to link correctly

For some reason , I can’t get my css files to show up in any of my htmls. I’ve tried Dreamweaver as well as Visual Studio Code n although im positive im typing the link command right , the styling never shows up.

Currently working on the Intro to Local Website Development n have formatted the html correctly. I believe the css is correct but I’m attaching files just in case.

What did I do wrong ?

Hi! welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

Actually the clue is how you’re typing in the link command. The syntax may be valid but usually it’s the path that gives people issues. For example:

//These all go to different places!

/myFolder/styles.css //root directory
../myFolder/styles.css //one parent directory up
../../myFolder/styles.css //two parent directories up
~/myFolder/styles.css // home directory

Here’s a link for reference: