Can't get detailed view of emails Outbox2:

trying to get the email.html view to work but no luck. Have searched far and wide for a solution but not found one. What am i missing?


app.controller('EmailController', ['$scope', 'emails', '$routeParams', function($scope, emails, $routeParams) {
  emails.success(function(data) {
    $ = data[$];


<a class="back" href="#/outbox">Back</a>
<div class="email-view">
  <h2 class="subject">{{ email.subject }}</h2>
  <span class="from">{{ email.from }}</span>
  <span class="date">{{ | date }}</span>
  <p class="message">{{ email.message }}</p>

the routing is working, but the expressions in the email.html are not computing…


This far along and still not posting lesson links. We do not have a speed dial to these lessons. None of us do. Please help us help you. Thanks.

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