Can't get connected (almccabe)

How do you get connected to Codecademy? I am having the same problem. I can’t enter any information in the center panel. I have no files to open.

Hi @almccabe,

Could you give us a screenshot of your whole browser window showing you as “not connected”.


  • your operating system
  • your web browser
  • are you logging in with Facebook, Google, Twitter or Email?
  • are you on a home/school/work network?
  • which courses have you not been able to connect to?

Can you connect to all of these sites: (should give a Google 404 error)

Posted this in another topic, but:

We’re having the same issue, and I’ve tracked down the cause.

The web browser is unable to communicate with

Why this is happening for you, I don’t know, but for us it’s because the method of connection for that site does not pass (Active Directory) credentials via our proxy server, so the proxy server rejects the connection.

The only solution for us is for Codeacademy to implement this.

All those sites listed are reachable, it’s that isn’t.

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@almccabe I’m having the same problem and this solution still isn’t fixing my connection issues. Did this work for you?