Can't get a shamefully easy line of code to render right

I am very new to Codecademy and this week I started working on VS Code trying to write and style my first line of code.

I’ve literally juste done a basic html header and H1, but when I want to turn the background of my second

pink, it doesn’t render. Clearly I’m not linking my CSS and html code properly, but I after reviewing both, I really can’t find what I’m not doing right. I was following this project.

Can someone take pity on me and tell me what I’m doing wrong?

you have a typo in Resource (href attribute of <link> element)


Hey yeah, I attached the wrong screenshot. I’d actually found that typo and fixed it, but even with the fixed spelling it still did not render :slightly_frowning_face:


then you will need to upload the project (use git, google drive, dropbox, whatever you feel comfortable with). I don’t see any other obvious flaws


i need to be able to access the files/project, debugging this kind of issue from screenshots its really difficult, i respect anyone that can.


I’m new to this as well. So anyone can correct me if I’m wrong. Do you have to close a table? It appears the table closer, if needed, cant remember at the moment, needs a proper closer. < /t ab le > ?


Good observation, what is suppose to be the table closing tag is missing its /. Not sure that resolves the issue, it would be a lot easier to debug if we had the source code


My morning cup of Java hasn’t kicked in yet, but it looks like your HTML and CSS files weren’t linked correctly.

Filenames are case-sensitive. The compiler can’t find “Resources” folder because it doesn’t exist in the server, but it will find “resources”. Same goes for the subfolder “CSS”, which should be “css”. It’s a developer’s version of a 404 Error (“file not found”).

The link attribute’s also missing type=“text/css”, which finishes the two-way street necessary for your HTML and CSS to communicate properly. The whole snippet should look like this (don’t forget to add the required < > brackets):

link href="./resources/css/index.css" type=“text/css” rel="stylesheet"

Other than that, it looks good to me. You’ve got the basics down, now it’s just a matter of developing good W3C coding habits – and that simply takes a bit of practice. :blush:

In the screenshot, i can clearly see the directory name have an uppercase letter.

directory and filenames are case sensitive in *nix systems, true, however, in windows directory names are case insensitive.

Although, using one standard for naming directories would be better of course

that was true for html4, not for html5.

@nicoleakakpo, does the Resource directory/folder contain both the CSS and HTML directories? that would explain it, then it would be: ../CSS/index.css, the .. is to traverse from HTML to the parent Resource directory

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Fair enough.

@nicoleakakpo , the .banner class selector’s being called by the second DIV element (“Main Title”), instead of the first DIV element (“Homepage Banner Section”). Thead elements must be followed by tbody, and they use the th tag for cells instead of td.

External references such as W3C are a programmer’s best friend.