Can't fix this typo

Hi all,

I just have a quick question.

Just looking at a website and the line of the source code looks like

good character?

My question is, is that it comes out like ?good character


good character&#63

be a sufficient fix?

Hey, and welcome to the forums! I think it might also be helpful if you could attach a screenshot of the code you’re trying to fix? :))

Thank you for the suggestion, I have added a snip of the code.

For privacy I have blanked off some titles, text and dates. So it should not affect the structure of what has been programmed in.

No worries! I understand :))

Hmm so my understanding is, you want to make the text say good character? instead of ?good character… is this correct? I’m just a little bit confused because on the fourth to last line, I think it does say good character with the ? after… but in either case, if you were wondering what the HTML code for a question mark was, it is indeed &#63!

Hope this helped, if not, do feel free to reply to clarify! :sparkles: