Can't find my courses in french


I’am a quiet mad …

I didn’t come back to this learning web site since last year and now i’m back !

where is the courses about Html, Javascript in french ??Anyway, I found a way to resume my courses of the last year when i check my badges on my profil.

But why can’t i find them in the main page when i’m logging in… ???

And please why all the courses in french of the other coding languages was deleted ??

Please help me.

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Codecademy upgraded the learning environment, but hasn’t gotten the change to upgrade all the language courses. As such, links to the old learning environment which is no longer supported, so there are no links on the main site.


thank you for your assistance.

Will codecademy plan to translate the courses in the future ?

Yes, this plan exist for the further but no timetable yet


How did you resume your courses? I’m having exactly the same problem in the JavaScript course, but didn’t find a way of resuming from the point I stopped.