Can't find "Computed" tab in the Google Chrome DevTools box-model dimension to view and edit

I am not seeing the “computed” tab in the Google Chrome Devtool’s box-model dimension to view and edit.

When I use right-click inspect to open up the DevTools, I don’t see the “computed” tab.

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What version of Chrome do you have?

I found this at SO:

I think you have to change the panel layout in dev tools–preferences (the little ellipses at top right)

and then you see it:

Mine doesn’t have the Show What’s New after each update box :frowning:

on the second screenshot that I posted above (you’re in dev tools), click on the vertical ellipses, “Customize and control dev tools.” which is in the upper right corner, next to the gear.
then, click on "more tools > settings>>panel layout then select “vertical.” the default is “auto” i think.