Cant find bugs for Kotlin MadLibs quiz

Here is my code which only completed 3/15 tasks. where did I mistake?

fun main () {

val costOfGas = 2.28
val mileage = 25

// Declare the variable distance below
val distance: Int

println(“What’s your name?”)
var name = readLine()

println(“What’s your friend’s name?”)
var friendsName = readLine()

println(“What adjective would you like to use?”)
var adjective = readLine()

println(“What city to travel?”)
var city = readLine()

println(“What’s your favorite band’s?”)
var bandName = readLine()

println(“What will you and $friendsName work?”)
var work = readLine()

println(“Enter an amount of miles between 400 & 600”)

distance = Integer.valueOf(readLine())

var totalForGas = (costOfGas / mileage) * distance
totalForGas = Math.round(totalForGas * 100) / 100.00

var totalMoneySaved = totalForGas + 200

A long time ago, $name and their friend $friendsName planned a(n) $adjective road trip to see their favorite band: $bandName.
The venue was $distance miles away which meant they needed to save $$totalForGas dollars to get there.
Both of them worked as $work for the whole summer and managed to save up a total of $$totalMoneySaved dollars!
To celebrate, they ended up driving to $city for the whole weekend; seeing their band and buying $bandName t-shirts to remember their trip.

Hi. @nazmul_wub

Seems you have multiples double quotes:

Good luck.

Have you been able to get it to compile from a .kt to a .jar? Thanx :grinning: