Can't find all Learn Python 3 features

Hello guys!

So, im in this “Learn python 3” course, and i was in the loops section 2 days ago ( and it had a lot more features, but the one im looking for is the 11 problems they gave at the end of the loops section. Did they change the courses? Sorry if its a stupid question but i really need that 11 problems to practice, did they move it somewhere?

I noticed that loops comes before functions now, so if anyone can clarify these things for me it would be pretty helpful

Edit 2: Seems like they’re being moved at the minute. It’s currently accessible from the data science path but should be back on the Python3 lessons in due course. For now-

I think the name of what you’re looking for might be something like Advanced Challenges: Lists or something along those lines. I’m afraid I don’t have a link, does it show up in the syllabus? You’re right courses are sometimes restructured by CC so it’s possible that’s what has happened.

Edit: Found a link in an older question- but it may have been moved or removed from the course. Not sure at the moment.

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Thats just what i was looking for! Appreciate the help (x