Can't figure out what's wrong with this HTML code


I can’t figure out what is wrong with this code/why I am getting an “Oops” error message.

Any suggestions?


It says it right there in the error message - Make sure you include your <h3></h3> tags!.
That means - <h3></h3> tags should be added in your document body (Like that <h1> or <p> you already have.)

I tried that, and it then it asks for h5 tags.

Am I putting the h3, h1. etc. tags in the wrong place?

don’t replace the h1 tags by h3 tags, create the h3 tags. Same for h5, don’t replace h3, create new h5 tags (after your first or second paragraph, whatever)


I think my mistake was that, within the course, I have to do exactly what they ask me to do, and not just experiment with things.

you can experiment in the lesson (a little bit). If you want to expriment, why not make html files on your computer? Or sites like jsbin, jsfiddle or codepen

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